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What began as an expert consultancy has metamorphosed into a unique fashion house. Saurabh Jadhav started out as soothsayers, offering insights and forecasting trends, to various domestic and export fashion houses since 1998 under the garb of Entities Design Company (EDC). His vivid interest and careful expertise led him to weave and knit unusual combinations in yarns and create innovative textiles. This passion grew further into a stylized range of clothing that retailed from various design stores in India. The blends are multi-hued, the tailoring is layered and complex, the drapes fall naturally and elegantly. Above all, this simplistic and easy-to-wear collection marries traditional Indian craftsmanship with the owners' European experience for a truly global garment.

The Effort

Saurabh graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) in Mumbai with a diploma in fashion design and two awards for the best design collection. During the few years that he spent in Europe, he collaborated with designer Marie Muenier and exhibited in Paris and Luxembourg. He also participated in Fashion Genius 2000, Luxembourg. He has been a visiting faculty at NIFT, SNDT, Cambrian Institute of Applied Arts & Technology and Sophia Polytechnic in Mumbai. His work is written about in publications like Herald Tribune, The Times of India, Mid Day, New Woman, Femina etc.

The Clientele

D'azure Designs Ltd., then EDC, has been formally consulting with Warp n Weft, Mumbai since 1998. Their experience in the fashion industry extends across India to stores like Saga (Mumbai), Madame Butterfly (Goa), Contradition (Hyderabad) and Amethyst (Chennai). New York based designer Kishori had the sampling and production for her collection done by D'azure. As was the surface texture of shoes meant for an Italian market designed for Fashion Corporation. K. C. Exports have been advised on designing for the international market. And shoots styled for renowned brands like Sky Jewellery (Dubai) and Charagh Din (Mumbai).

The Collection

D'azure has an artistic approach to its clothes. Almost like a sculpture, sculpting cloth to flow with the body. Unobstructed, draped to move in time to the rhythm of your body. The influence is predominantly Japanese with an Arabic twist, creating a harmony of the two. D'azure prides itself on an international touch, not detracting in any way from the traditional handloom and hand-printed quality visible in its weaving, printing and dyeing techniques. D'azure is a dream woven in gossamer, a harmonious energy between the basic elements of design and a glimpse into clothes that skim across cultural boundaries.
The men's collection, consisting of Scarves, Shirts and tees, are dyed using the natural process of dyeing. The process involves materials derived from plants, medicinal herbs, and biodegradable waste. These dyes are available in a wide variety of colors and are compatible with a variety of natural fibers. Natural dyes boast of eco-friendly and skin-friendly merits that can soothe as well as heal in many cases. Materials like marigold petals, Himalayan rhubarb, coconut husk, Indigo Ferra, Pomegranate skin, Indian Tea, Henna, Rose petals, Ayurvedic medicines etc are used in this process. Natural fabrics like silk, organic cotton, wool, modal etc are the base fabrics for the collection.
The womenswear collection, draws inspiration from formal clothing with an artistic twist. The line includes short and long jackets, trousers, skirts, dresses and scarves. The use of zips, reversible jackets with unusual color combinations, grown on collars, drapes with minimum cutting are some of the other features of the collection. Fabrics are specially woven based on a detailed research and consultation with a team of weavers. Dazure works with weavers in handloom and semi handloom to weave contemporary creations of fabrics in silk, cottons, cotton silks and modal. The team at Dazure constantly strives to innovate new textiles, making use of the rich heritage that exists in India at the same time keeping in mind a global sensibility and market.

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